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Donations & Supporter T-shirt purchases

Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol is a 100% Volunteer organization

We appreciate your support!

Donations & Supporter T-shirt purchases can be made in the following ways:

 *A tax receipt is available on request. Send the following information to Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol to request for receipt of donation for tax purposes.

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Medical Supply and Equipment Donations

Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol is a non-profit, volunteer organization that operates on the donations of our community- both monetary and tangible.  Due to our space limitations, scope of practice and infection prevention controls, all supplies require be vetted through the donation process outlined below.

If you have a donation, please complete the donation form and submit.  The donation coordinator will respond and let you know if we can accept the items you have to donate.  Please keep in mind that determining if a donation can be accepted is based on space, need, condition and if Patrol can use the donation.  We may have to say no, but we still appreciate your generosity!  

Rules of Thumb:

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