Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol welcomes your interest!    


Considerable commitment and training are required for membership in the Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol.   On-hill patrollers, ages 15 and older, must exhibit above average ski abilities, with and without the toboggan. A "ski-off" is held in March to assess each candidate's skiing ability.     The evaluation will look at the following skills: 

There are 2 distinct training programs: 


Each year all patrollers must participate in several refreshers before the start of the new season: 


Every patroller has an assigned schedule - some patrollers work weekday shifts only (8 hours) once a week, some work evening and weekend shifts, and some work weekends only.

Most patrollers work in excess of 100 hours per season. There are required patrol meetings, and on-going training through the season as new equipment becomes available. 

Initial cost to join is estimated at $400 - $500, includes pack, supplies, dues, jacket, and other items.

Your first year on patrol is a probationary period after which an evaluation for continued membership in the patrol is conducted.


If you think you'd like to join us, please fill out the below application.   Be sure to click the submit button at the end.  

You will be contacted via email sometime in late Feb. or early March about the ski-off to assess your skills.

Applications for the 2024-2025 season are now closed.     

Applications for the 2025-2026 season will open in the fall of 2024.